About Us

About us

Nowadays, sports betting is more popular than ever. This is not by chance, as there are a lot of sports broadcasts on television, and many people are knowledgeable about the sport, so it seems so easy to win. Still:


90% of sports bettors are losing money.

How can this be?

Luck is not enough, it is insufficient to be knowledgeable about the sport. You need to know how to bet. Let’s see some typical mistakes:

  • Most people bet based on their emotions.
  • There is not enough knowledge and background information.
  • There is no bankroll management one complies with
  • There is no adequate strategy

You can read more about these in the BASICS OF PROFESSIONAL SPORTS BETTING section. You will also find useful information in the LEXICON. On this Site, Tipproado professionals will teach you how to play and how not to. Apart from this, you will receive betting tips from our foreign and domestic experts and tipsters in our tip packages. They give you tips with the sufficient knowledge and background information, but only if they placed the bet themselves.


Do not forget: there is no tip that is 100% winning, you can’t win every day. The realistic goal is to be profitable in the long term. Sports betting is a long-term investment and we believe that following the rules and the tips of the pros can bring you stable profits. You can’t bet on our site and it is you who decides how much money you want to bet. However, if you follow our advice, you may succeed. In fact, you will succeed.


Play consciously, play responsibly, play in a winning team!