What is Unit?

We see that there are several concepts in our philosophy of play that are new to many of You. Last letter - info@tiproado.com – we got a question about what Unity is. Of course, we write more about all the basic concepts and the philosophy of sports betting we represent in the Academy section, but here is a brief explanation. 

Unit is a precisely defined percentage value within the Bankroll.

Bankroll is the amount we place on the sports betting site or pages we prefer. This amount should only be so big that any loss does not affect our quality of life. We recommend that you do this even if someone is not playing in our preferred way. However, we believe that if you follow our rules, you will win. 

 The bet used from Bankroll can be determined in monetary and unit. We also enter the profit of the tipsters in units on the site.

How big should a Unit be? 

A.           Flatstake strategy. Our bet is always the same size for all bets, usually 1-5 % of our bankroll. Within this, everyone should choose according to their own temperament, but no one should go above it, because after a losing streak - which is a normal part of the game and will occur with everyone - the bankroll may soon be very reduced. Our proposal is the 3% Unity. 

B.           Apply a weighted bet. We set up a strength system for tips depending on the degree of risk. The 10/10 marking is 5 % of the bankroll, 10/8 is 4 %, etc. We don't give any advise on this weighting. It is up to you.  

For the statistics we lead, we follow the Flatstake strategy. 

Our bankroll, including the Unit, must be reviewed from time to time. Depending on whether it has increased or decreased, we need to adjust the size of the bet, i.e. the size of the Unit.

This could be a specific time, like the last day of the month. There may be a certain percentage increase or decrease, usually a 25% shift in bankroll in either direction. Or we can do this even if our purchase package has expired. If you only play with one package, we recommend this latter, if you have purchased more, especially if you have purchased at different times, the monthly breakdown is practical. Since each customer starts playing with the package they purchased at a different time, we produce our own statistics on a monthly basis and count all tips. But we also recommend that everyone lead their own statistics!  

In the Academy section, you will find more useful information about the basic concepts and the rules of the successful game. We continue to look forward to your questions.