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December statistics of our tipsters

Tipster number of tips hit rate average odds  profit   yield
Basketball 21 71,429 % 1,841 6,73 E 32,048 %
Football/Brasil  10 40,000 % 1,799 0,49 E 4,850 %
Football/Penalty 13 53,846 % 1,895 -0,02 E -0,154 %
Icehokey/Bodycheck  57 59,649 % 1,923 12,40 E 21,754 %
Handball 28 67,857 % 1,809 6,76 E 24,143 %
Icehokey/Puck 30 46,667 % 2,062 -0,04 E -0,133 %
Football/Corner 28 42,857 % 1,830 2,55 E 9,107 %







The December tips of our professional tipsters show a mixed picture of yield. Three of it - Corner, Bodycheck and Handball - had an outstanding month, two of them doing well, while Penalty and Puck finished in a slight minus.

The Basketball package achieved the best hit rate, but the score above 70 per cent is not a record.

In February last year, it scored 75% of 56 tips and 83.333% in June, although it only gave 6 tips at the time. The better who bought the Basketball package in December received 21 tips instead of 15 and posted a yield of 32.048%.

You can see from the table that the hit rate and yield don't necessarily go hand in hand, because it doesn't matter what proportion of tips under and above the average odds are winning or losing. Thus, the Brasil package with a negative hit rate yielded 4.85%, while the positive hit rate Penalty produced a slight loss.

In terms of profit, Handball is the best, but he only overtakes the Basketball package by 0.03 units. Compared to their 6.7 profit, Penalty and Puck 0.02 and 0.04 minus essay is negligible.

Looking at the yields, the Basketball 32.048 percent result is parade, but not surprising. He's had better months in the last year, but what's really remarkable is that he's had only one month of loss in the last year, only -3.889%. Penalty has been profitable since March, but lost in November and December, and we can hope to turn the trend around again. It's been Puck's only loss-making month since March, which is when his statistics have been available.

Translate statistics into the language of the numbers, calculated with a unit of £100:

Tipster number if tips 1 Unit/£  total bet/£ profit/£ yield
Basketball 21


2100  673 32,048 %
Football/Brasil 10 100  1000 49 4,850 %
Football/Penalty 13 100  1300 - 2 -0,154 %
Icehokey/Bodycheck 57 100  5700 1.240 21,754 %
Handball 28 100  2800 676 24,143 %
Icehokey/Puck 30 100 3000 -4 -0,133%
Football/Corner 28 100 2800 255 9,107 %
Total 187 100  18700 Ft 2887 15.438 %










In other words, if someone played all 187 tips with a bet of £100, they earned £21,580 with an investment of £18,700. The numbers confirm that if you take our advice, you'll be profitable in the long run.

Have a good game in January, play for a winning team!


We are looking at the value, not the odds

Basic informations about odds has already been shared in the Knowledge Library section of our site, but it is worth speaking about odds in other aspects, as sports betting is of great importance for interpreting the right way suggests a tip.

In this aspect, it is worth knowing that when it came to charging odds, bookmakers use statistical data and the information available to identify odds with each tip.

As a sportsbetter, once we have defined our bankroll and the strategy along which we will bet, the next step is to find value in the odds imposed on each tip, and this is not necessarily the same as on paper we choose an outcome that is considered to be a more likely outcome.

The easiest way to determine whether there is value in that odds is to determine the odds of each outcome ourselves based on the information we collect ourselves, and then, when we do, compared to the bookmaker's odds.

If you see a higher odds on a particular tip in the bookmaker's offering than we consider the chance, that tip might be worth playing. Equally true is the reverse, if the odds defined by the bookmaker are the same or lower than our own, then that tip falls into the category to be considered at least.

All of this sounds simple of course, but it takes a lot of time, energy, research and work that professional sports bettors like tiproado professionals do and publish in their packages the tips they themselves would play.