Napi Ingyen Tippek Statisztika


Total Profit 6.07 E
Yield 5.84 %
Number of tips 104
Success rate 64.42 %
Average odds 1.54

Free daily tip

We give our registered users a free tip each day. Of course, this tip needs to be handled statistically separately from the packages and it is better to bet just for the sake of the game. But even in this case, keep playing responsibly!

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Our bettors strive to make the most of their profits, so there will be no tips every day - only if they meet the criteria. Your subscription will include a minimum of 15 tips per month, if this number is not met due to availability, then your subscription will remain active until you reach 15 tips.


Monthly split of profit

number of tips
winning rate
average odds
Dátum: 2019. Jan
Tippek száma: 1
Találati arány: 100,000%
Átlag Odds: 1,830
Profit: 0,83 U
Hozam: 83,000%
Dátum: 2019. Feb
Tippek száma: 1
Találati arány: 100,000%
Átlag Odds: 1,850
Profit: 0,85 U
Hozam: 85,000%
Dátum: 2019. Nov
Tippek száma: 11
Találati arány: 72,727%
Átlag Odds: 1,485
Profit: 0,94 U
Hozam: 8,545%
Dátum: 2019. Dec
Tippek száma: 27
Találati arány: 66,667%
Átlag Odds: 1,492
Profit: 0,85 U
Hozam: 3,148%
Dátum: 2020. Jan
Tippek száma: 26
Találati arány: 73,077%
Átlag Odds: 1,509
Profit: 4,04 U
Hozam: 15,538%
Dátum: 2020. Feb
Tippek száma: 28
Találati arány: 53,571%
Átlag Odds: 1,569
Profit: 0,12 U
Hozam: 0,429%
Dátum: 2020. Mar
Tippek száma: 10
Találati arány: 50,000%
Átlag Odds: 1,633
Profit: -1,33 U
Hozam: -13,300%